How It Works

Click on the REGISTER tab above, and sign up for $10. You will get your own page like this, with your own link. Then start referring people to your link for this page. TALK TO YOUR PEOPLE! You only need 5 people, but they must be reliable! If you don't have communication with them, this won't work as quickly as it should. 

As soon as someone has 5 people in their downline here on IBO Team Build, then give them YOUR LINK for the Financial Fitness Club and your link for "The Bridge." 

This way, you will only have those in your matrix that will build and build fast! 


We found the best program - Financial Fitness Club - and now we have the key to your success in that program. Pre-build your downline here to avoid any "dead spots" and non-producers. Each person must only find 5 reliable people to make this work. Pre-enroll them here, and as soon as they have 5 people in this pre-downline, give them your link to enroll in the real program, The Financial Fitness Club.

It costs $10 one time to register, payable through PayPal only, and there is no money paid out from this pre-builder. For that $10, you will receive our instructions on exactly how you can find your 5 people on line. We do not guarantee ANYTHING, especially that you will be able to find your 5 people. All we tell you is that they method worked for us, and it requires time but no money to use our "recruiting" method. The $10 is non-refundable. Make sure you are going to follow through with this program or don't register!

Whitelist this email address, all our communication and instructions will come to you through email from this address:

Check your spam folder for emails from this address. See details about our program at

Why do we charge $10? Because for 6 months it was free or $1 and nobody took it seriously. The key to making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in The Financial Fitness Club is to only put serious, reliable, productive people in your downline. This is their first hurdle - they join here, pay $10 to prove they are serious and not wasting our time, and then when they get 5 people registered here, and you have TALKED TO THEM, give them your Financial Fitness link to join. 

This should move VERY FAST! No jokers, no time wasters, no un-productive people. 

Complete newbies should not join. There are no guarantees whatsoever, and there are no refunds!